Each individual Muay Thai practitioner will lean towards certain styles based factors like personal preferences, anatomy structure and character. We do not enforce a template style that is common for many gyms.
For example, some gyms may insist fighters to focus on kicks even if they are proficient punchers, or ask a naturally aggressive fighter to become excessively defensive.
Instead, we equip proficient punchers with kicks to complement their punches, and we teach aggressive fighters how to attack in an efficient way while also polishing up their defense.
It is also important know the differences between hitting a bag and fighting a person, much like textbook vs. real life. Theoretical aspects of techniques often needs to be modified to be applicable in practical situations.
At Naksu, we embrace diversities and encourage our clients to develop their own distinctiveness and confidences in facing any challenges and changes in the ring, and in life. We believe there is not only one way to shine, but rather, everyone can shine in their own ways.



As professional fighters, our trainers have spent decades honing their skills. With technical knowledge coupled with actual fighting experiences, they are ready to help you exceed your current capabilities.


Not only are our trainers professional in their work, they are also passionate in their attitude. Detailed and meticulous in their explanations and teachings, they are driven to work with you to achieve your goals.

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